Started in 2021, keyosk is a convenient frontend for mechanical keyboard shopping. All of the listings are automatically collected from the /r/mechmarket subreddit and displayed here with their original images + information.

Ultimately, keyosk functions as both a simple re-skin of the same marketplace experience, and also a shopping companion that keeps track of your wishlist and (optionally) sends you email alerts when a new listing is added that matches your predefined search criteria.

We take no responsbility for the trustworthiness of listings on this site. All communication should be handled through reddit, and you should exercise the same discretion as on /r/mechmarket and other user-to-user marketplaces.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is keyosk?

Keyosk is a clean frontend to the /r/mechmarket subreddit, a place for mechanical keyboard enthusiasts to buy and sell hardware.

How do I buy something?

To make a transaction, you should message the listing owner via Reddit's private messaging feature, and leave a comment on the original thread indicating your interest.

Please read the /r/mechmarket rules before beginning to make exchanges on the platform.

What is a safe form of payment?

Generally, PayPal is a trustworthy platform and offers buyer protection. Note that if you select a "Friends & Family" transaction, you may forfeit your ability to dispute the charge or receive a refund.

Why should I register for an account?

A keyosk account, while not necessary to use the site, enables you to save your wishlist across devices, as well as set up alerting filters for new listings that match your own custom search criteria (in progress, TBD).